Poetry to Ease the Soul

Life is a dream
awakening in form.
Let it flow, to travel free
Let it live itself, to be
Beyond knowledge, past decree
Creation ever flowing free
Through these webs
As life is spun
By living life
Into the light
of love...

? Michaelette ?

Another Phase of Life
No End In Sight
 What Is Love?
World of Dreams
Visionary Images
Into Eternity
Divine Insanity
Love Made Real
The Source of All Reality
Love Becoming Real
As Love Grows
Nature's Wisdom
Of Dreams and Love
The Dream of Love
Myth and Magic
Magic's Journey
Mystic Moments
Is This Love?
Patterns in the Weave of Time Loss of Love
The In Between Rocky Mountain High
The Maze On Death and Rebirth
 The Happening
  Dances with Wolves
 Light in the Darkness
  A Symphony
 Shadows Falling
 The Dark Side
 Touch of Hope
 Phantoms of Death
Chameleon Collage
Who I Am

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This site is dedicated to the discovery of soul - that which lives at the core of each paradox our minds are able to encompass. 
The light and the darkness.  The burgeoning brilliance of never-ending hues of feeling born.  The spirit of earth ever birthing and furthering form.  As I write in trepidation, 
feeling every variation come to life...

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