Adorning and Adoring

Nakedly, he looked her through and through,
adoring and adorning every contour of her
femininity. It was as if a carnal touch were
haunting her through days and nights
of grief and great desire left unmet,
within this space of solitary grace, that
could not satiate her sense of touch.

She wavered then, within her flight divine,
where angels beckoned to her to go on, and
paused, just for an instant of eternity, to look
into his eyes and read the pleading longing
she found there. Still, she’d been here
at this very place that lives beyond all space
too many times before to just give in.

This feeling though, was somehow yet a
different kind and type of moods’
translation that she worked on now;
one she’d never gotten through before. And
now, just now, a hunger rose (but was it his
or was it hers?); flesh itching yearningly
for just another touch of other human flesh;
while something somehow other and the same
as just herself was felt to enter in between.

Was this her angel, truly then, guardian of all
she ever was or hoped to be? Or was it merely
fantasy of better days that might ascend, if only
she could find a way to mend the many wrongs
of powered structures? Anxiously, she drifted
off to sleep, trusting yet again those dreams
that dared to dream themselves into reality –
nakedly adorning and adoring everything...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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