Alchemical Transitions

Intermediary, liaison, ambassador of love;
whitely seeking, shadows now ascend
to lightly touch reflections of the sun.
Systems ranging outwardly, as inwardly
they steal the vast appeal of our attention
with emotions that seem powerful enough
to rearrange it all.

Between the starry heavens and the blasting
heat that rises from the core of earth itself,
we stand; commanding or commanded by
the power running through our hands,
rising from the land into the vastness of the skies,
descending then again, both as and yet again
as if right through us, to nurture and demand
we be the source of its awareness.

Yet we are more than any conduit or circuit,
for we make and break connections by the
force of our free will, as we alter and we change
our point of view – concentration opening out
into a particle of universal loving energy, that
sings itself right through our hearts and souls;
each time we dare create a harmony of
understanding, while upholding every nuance
of our individuality.

Moments of stillness, poised between each breath
we give and take; to abate the mighty trying power
that seems to overtake us in each rush of blind
emotive power. Until the midnight hour wakes
us from a peaceful sleep, heart racing with a
newness that must overtake the rest. Visions
rise, as if a misty magic spell were being cast;
so clear and pure that we’re transported there -
entirely to moments of pure beauty, held within
a sense of timelessness that never alters, but
merely flows into itself again and yet again.

Oceans arise while minds must sleep; bleeding
seeds of creativity into the depth and height of
all we dare to reach for and achieve, becoming
width and breadth within another breath of
startling understanding. As Mercury, so swift
and fleet, begins again his great, transcendent
flight of winged feet. Quicksilver ever altering
its shape and form; yet staying still, the same -
somehow untamed and yet unbroken as it
spreads and yields itself to yet another vibratory
tone and rush of motion’s energy.

Intermediary, liaison, ambassador of love;
now singing through the strings of just one
golden lyre that only Orpheus can bring to be.
Enchantingly, vibrations lift the many veils
from these mortal eyes; and skies of indigo
become alight with yet another blazing trail
of golden white, tinted now in hues of roses
blooming tenderly, as dew ascends...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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