All Thatís Meant To Be

Spirits speak as hearts reach out
to touch the love we are,
magically transcending everything
as beyond all time and space, we sing,
not of the love we know or knew,
but of a feeling flowing through
the multi-levels of our soul,
as all that was most personal
is finally set free.

Distance seems to disappear
and time floats off in spacious grace.
We drift, we dream, we touch
in other realms that seem so real,
we canít deny the feelings streaming through,
uttering our being further yet
into a life of flesh and form,
further than itís ever been before.

When there, a door,
conspicuously absent until now,
begins to open out into
all we never knew before;
where mists are seen in swirling hues,
hinting at the power of creativity,
spiraling through dark and light
in spectrums of delight.

And then, the pause,
in wondering of what might change
the moment that we step just past
the threshold of our dreams,
and bring reality to bear
on all we hold so close and dear.

All thought breaks loose,
alive and burning,
as imagination takes to flight
to soar above the many fears
that held us back within a past
that simply fades away.

For now a new day comes to be
the sum of our reality;
changing, endlessly -
all that is to
all thatís meant to be . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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