A Sudden Gust

My boundaries are becoming
more clear-cut again, as if the
wind blew somehow, much more
easily through me now.
The misty places where we merged
and became so confused in one another
are fading into nothingness again.
Or perhaps, rather than nothingness,
it’s that there is more and more clarity
in and of all that lies beyond you.

Where once my world seemed filled
to overflowing with you, others are able
to silently enter now – people and things -
allowing me to see the way I used to see,
yet too, enhanced and still somehow
the images are gentled now,
softer, pliable – almost like wet clay
awaiting the clear molding of my vision.

Sharp corners seem to round themselves
as I step closer; anger somehow melts into
a wondering sense of curiosity.
A slight sense of sadness wafts
through the freshness of the springtime
breezes playing through the trees.

The sunshine sparkling on the water
no longer is too bright to enter into eyes,
and I see them then, just there -
sprites dancing joyfully together,
just where a beam of fiery light gently
comes to meet and greet the
heaviness of darkened moisture.

The newborn leaves on greening trees
whisper in a melody divine, even as
another sprite will enter in, this time to
dance the teardrops on my cheek away.
Children play, just out of sight;
their laughter and their giggling
come join this festive air of spring.

I see your eyes in the sunlight again –
there is that wonderful twinkle,
even as the corners of your mouth
lift themselves into another smile – not just
for me, but just because if feels so
good to be alive in love again.

Alas, the image fades once more –
touching close, yet never really
touchable at all; and a sudden chilly
gust of wind sends me flying
back inside again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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