A Taste of Love

Chocolate covered fantasies
and sugar-coated dreams.
Ghostly lovers bleeding sleep away.
Symbolically, they bleach and blend
the multi-colored hues of day
into the deep of indigo - mistaken
for a total absence all to oft’ imagined
as a blackened void where spirits
somehow lose the sense of one.

Lollipops in rainbow colors
memories repeating themes
now reaching past the schemes
of minds that work within the dark;
unknowingly exposing gross desire.
Exploding then, as clouds of mushrooms
blend and bleed into a cyclic atmosphere
of healing energy that reaches out to be
a newborn miracle.

Yet nature knows
and the moon still glows
within its golden hues;
while starlight speaks
its truth within each night.
Extending and replete with satin light.
Exceeding concepts centered on
the existence of a nothingness
that simply cannot seem to be
enough for any definition.

While these realms of our awareness
now insist on understanding more
than modern concepts can conceive.
For creativity forever lies beyond a cure
that practices no more than intellectual vanity;
crying out within the dark of flesh
for so much more than blind expression
or moody attitudes that never seem to end.

As gold and blue run into red again
and white exudes rose-colored attitudes
to begin the flow of hearts that love just when
we reach and touch the next dimension -
invisible to comprehension.
And oh, the beauty opening out
in colors of a misty lilac hue
that whispers gently of a purple majesty
when spirit first begins to speak itself.

Seeking and then finding strength
that lives in realms beyond all compromise.
Settling then, within a tone of utter verity;
ascending and descending through
the evolution of much more
than just humanity.
For all that seems most alien
might, in the end, become our friend -
loving, simply loving, all the way . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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