At Odds

At odds with our society
we seek to find our self-esteem
somewhere beyond the crowded places
opening in silent spaces
waiting only that we hear
and dare become ourselves again,
composer and the composition
of this grand reality of consciousness.

While still, we dream of fitting in,
perhaps within a touch of leadership
still far beyond the partnership
that stems from true equality
and seeds the need of this:
our quest for immortality
of one still separated and alone.

We find ourselves rebelling,
for causes lost before they e’en begin,
and telling all our secrets to the wind;
for the wind is trusted more right now
than the vows of all political maneuvering,
or laws that leave us wanting and desiring
so much more than even they can bring;
when what we really need to be
must bring us to a point of truly
feeling once again alive.

The earth begins to shake and quake -
She feels the need of this rebellion first,
and alters all our heady moods
within sensation’s attitudes,
that feel no matter what we come to think
as we live and breathe in fields of emotion,
willed into existence by the oddest
sense of pure contrariness.

Walls tumbling and crumbling;
at times just running down themselves
within a splendor seldom seen or known,
as tunnel vision just collapses,
opening all mind to its deliverance
of reaching out within a consciousness;
accepting all that is
within its scope.

Liquidly, we feel our way into
a space and place we’d never truly
come to know before,
beyond the doors erected in defense,
in days of yore, just when our innocence
was first and ultimately threatened,
by an erroneous belief in death
of life within these forms.

While the sections we so deftly
once created in our sense of intimacy,
now expose themselves
within an intricate and finely woven lace;
it speaks beyond denial,
of unity within a turn of mind,
where Love is ever left as undefined.
Such is the life conceived
of intellect that still divides
its very definitions of divinity;
still left alone, encased within
its fear of the unknown.

And so we find ourselves at odds again,
remembering at last the moments when
our world revolved without a center,
and simply spun its feelings -
this emotion of sensation
into a life that seeks
to form itself complete,
beyond all odds
at last within us too...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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