Back Down

Im coming back down
from the other side of the moon.
Round and round, so lost and found,
yet now it seems I finally see it true;
as magnetizing light fantastic
pulls me back to life.

I swirl and spin within its rays
that emit bouquets of spring in an abundance,
swimming through the emptiness of space,
pulled into an attitude
of exemplary existence.
For life goes on beyond the strife
of painful episodes.

Past that time of desperation
that held us all too near the deep,
within a feel of near obliteration;
surfacing within a trembling sense
of fear drawn out and through
each particle of being;
and yet we feel so very near
the end of this insanity,
as we reach again for dreams
we know are there.

We pause, extending momentary
idioms of our appreciation of the past,
yet never quite achieving what we feel;
and joy astounds us as a tear
leaks slowly down our cheek,
speaking all the sorrow held within -
for we realize that we have found
a friend who understands our deepest needs.

When seeds of hope and charity begin to multiply
as heartbeats slow themselves into a rhythm,
gently easing indecision by a fission
quite beyond the want or will of our creation;
and all we feared might mean oblivion
begins to show itself as the means to our salvation -
the past begins to fade deep into mists
never to be seen in clarity again.

The need for our defensive posture leaves,
yet poses such extraordinary questions,
of who we really are without those masks.
How can we know what were supposed to be
without a guide or sign or sacred symbol
we might follow yet now it seems were being told
that were supposed to lead.

To where, my soul, will these expressions go?
Im told I choose and yet my choices
seem so very limited -
for others always enter in
insisting that they know a better way.
Punishing, instinctively, those such as I
without a seeming reason why,
except that we refuse to live indifferently,
the way they choose to do.

And they are jealous, oh my soul,
of this I know Im not mistaken!
No matter how Ive suffered to become
the one that I now know myself to be,
so that even as they claim to care
I feel the icy stare of their disdain,
and deep remnants of their pain,
left still unimagined in their minds.

As I make my way again back down again
from the other side of the moon.
Round and round, so lost and found,
yet now it seems I finally see it true;
for magnetizing light fantastic
pulls me back to understanding
the differences that somehow we all share;
when at last we dare to feel it true,
and I know that this is so
for the moon confided in compassion
the wisdom of an understanding past all vision,
just when the dark side of the moon
was me . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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