Basic Changes

You feel the want and need of change
both in and out of you,
yet still you scheme
to keep yourself the same;
while circumstances constantly
just seem to reach beyond the point
of the control that you so desperately
wish to retain.

But you have reached the point of no return,
where sorrow’s angry pain
is felt again within your heart.
You start, you stop, you quake and shake,
yet no relief is to be found -
not now.

Stubbornly, you hear, but still,
you fail to really listen
to any intuition; for that might lead you
far beyond that prison that you built
so long ago - and viscously,
you blame your soul again;
not as a part and parcel of yourself,
but rather as a thing outside
that somehow brings these
feelings of great misery to you.

And this you call
the crux of your responsibility -
this blame, be it of self or other,
that only brings yet more extremities
to battle there inside of you -
the you, you think so innocent and pure.
But oh, my dear, you’ve done it yet again;
feeling without understanding,
while with your mind and will
you still insist on the atrocities
that blind belief will always bring.

And so you continue to cover your own eyes,
blaming some absurdity of fate or of divinity,
or e’en at times, all of society,
for the pain you’ve never chosen to release
or yet allowed to feel itself
into another, brighter state of being.

Instead, you choose the crutch
of that unfeeling scientific attitude
of chemicals that popped or breathed
might make your dreams seem to come true,
even as the truth cried out within your inner ear
expounding each and every move
that you might make in spades,
and yet you take this voice so wise and full,
and call it just another mood
that needs no more than to be pushed aside.

Oh, these points of no return,
when each sudden and emotional decision
moves you into realms of action
that simply cannot be redeemed at all;
until you choose to follow through
on the very basic changes
that the wisdom of your heart
insists upon...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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