Birthday Girl

Birthday girl, why do you weep?
What secrets do you keep in solitude?
And why this mood of neediness
just when your teenage years
have chosen themselves
to be left behind?
Numbers changing endlessly
into each other - what does
this do to our reality?

Could it be you never really
wanted to grow up at all . . . ?
for now you fall into a mold
that isnít any fun
as responsibility is heaped
upon those slender shoulders,
and the holders of the cards
just never seem to want
to let you play.

Already tired of the games of make-believe
that all adulthood seems to deem necessity
and dire, the consequences
of your disobedience.
So tell me then, just when do we receive
a sense of individual authority
if not right now . . . ?

Validated by our soul
forever reaching back to home,
as senses verify our every mood.
And oh, the hues as mists arise
desiring no more than just
to paint the starry skies alive again.

Look out there and learn to see
the muddied path of multitudes
that leads to only death and misery;
and come to choose another way
where visions play beyond
all nighttime dreams;
singing through these endless days
of utter harmony, when all we are
is what is best of all.

Twist and shake and shimmy through
all the bland and worn-out rules
that never really worked at all;
and in all you say and do
express yourself within
a tone of deep emotion.
For magic is in motion, even now.
Changing all the world somehow
as more and more, we all succumb
to the enchantment of its spell.

Weep for joy, for joy is near;
hear it whispering within your ear and
in this springtime breeze that plays for you,
no matter that the world says you ought to do.
Stand up and fight for what you know is right.
Straightforwardly, as if you knew it all;
for those emotions keeping you at bay
still wish no more than to come out and play.

Rearranging everything
if once we wish upon a dream
and dare to make it true . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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