Breaking Free

Like a caged animal -
ferocity now held inside itself;
unable to break free
within the greater world
of being other than itself.

He paces, first in circles, then in squares.
Now and then he traces out
a diamond in the dust of where he walks
yet never stops to note its history;
or the diamond dust that he created
with his every movement.
And so he merely treads it back
into the earthen base of his enclosure,
still so unaware of who he really is.

On rare occasion, a true vision enters in
and is consumed by him unknowingly.
Never understood within the fullness
that each vision holds within a tenderness;
reaching still, in memory, for when the feel
of running free was right, until one day,
he glanced askance, and looked beyond
his cage to see a brilliant image shining back
as if within a mirror the fiery sun
had touched upon.

He stops then, in his tracking
of a past that lives no more,
and reaches for it all.
Amazed, he finds an open door
so easy to step through
as if his cage were never really
real at all.

He listens to the wind again,
singing sweetly through the trees,
and scents the wisdom flowing
through the leaves that dare to sing.
Uttering a melody of loving moods
just starting to grow bold.
Breaking free, the spring of love
within his heart flows free.
Oh, love...!

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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