Brought To Be

I swing tonight, upon a star
so distant that the ordinary
simply disappears,
while a sheer yet utter distance
separates the now from all
that used to seem to be so real.

We love, oh spirit, love beyond deliverance -
accepting even what we know to be askance,
for love is truly all there is to be;
and yet the chaos still intrudes
awakening the many moods
of our deliverance from pain.

We are here, so near to ecstasy;
yet still, the past will intercede,
and blind beliefs will play their way
into the gist of each new day
until we come to understand
the vast demands of our eternity.

And now the point of no return
insists on being heard for what it is,
the ecstasy and bliss of just one kiss,
implanted in these cells of our mortality
that proves beyond a doubt that what we feel
must be more real than any theme of mind
meandering through realms of mystery.

A rhythm speaks, beyond what words can say,
as tone intones an amplitude of deep desire
just when a spiritís fire burns so high;
yet what is nigh resides so deep inside
that we must fall into the depths
before the rest that we so need
becomes itself, complete, replete
within an altered attitude of high vibration.

Deeply now, it moves itself into our lives,
centering the paradox of all extremes,
even as it dreams itself anew
within the darkest hues of indigo,
as soul expands into reality
in increments that seem unknown
coming now to dwell within
the innocence each cell of life must be.

While a harmony begins to sing itself alive,
beneath the striving vagrancy
of what the past has brought to be.
Swinging now, upon a star -
and its tone expands
into infinity . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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