Crashing Waves

Thunderous, the sound of crashing waves
upon the rocks; resoundingly surreal and yet
familiar too, this attitude of nature’s moodiness.
While in one voice, that dares speak out in
insolence, the last connection spoken,
breaks the spell. It melts in icy waters
that must quell the heat of never knowing calm.
Condensed, its rage will rise again and overcome
it all, curling as it curves and falls into reality
yet once again.

For heat and fire and great desire repeat
themselves within a greater light that seeks
to simply know itself complete; burning in
an endless, cyclic repetition; speaking
ancient spells and incantations, healing with
a counter-force of every inhibition, forced
within a once-upon-a-time on minds
too young to know the difference at all.

But thundering, these crashing waves
of utter being now intone the breaking of it all;
resoundingly surreal and yet familiar too –
a knowing reaching deep into the core
of every being – rising now again upon
these tides of ceaseless evolutionary need;
demanding that we know the utter truth
of our own innocence,
in love again, at last...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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