A hush falls o’er the drunken multitude
as if some spirit stole within the room unasked.
Unequaled, this one moment of pure silence.
Smoke rises, soon to disappear,
as cigarettes are left to just burn out
Man and woman stop and stare
become as if suspended
in a breath of freshest air.

One alone sits quietly within a booth,
hidden in a darkened corner,
warming hands around
a cup of steaming coffee.
He just observes this great phenomenon,
unfolding once again within his presence.
He is the only one who seems to see
the brilliance of the angel
that just entered in.

Light of light, oh sphere
outdistancing the distance
soberly, he writes himself a note,
beyond all thinking:
"The moment is now, the time has arrived."
He watches as the veil is lifted then,
waiting as this startling form
of clarity begins to build.
He know beyond a doubt
that this vision is the truth.
He feels it too, in startled recognition,
somewhere deep inside, as if a quivering
of strings upon a lyre were stirring them.

Movement returns, time runs
ahead of itself again.
Someone drops coins in the juke box.
An old love song begins to play
and he remembers, even as he moves
ahead again into the vastness of all future,
what it was to be held and loved completely;
nurtured in the strength of his mother’s nature,
lying against the softness of her breast -
healed so completely by her touch.

He remembers now, too, for he must,
each time his wife, his one true love,
who passed away last year
brought to him the healing of her spirit
within her tender touch -
and there she stands
the angel’s form completed
and substantial.

He puts his coat on then and pays his tab,
walks out into the soft of night with her
and simply disappears...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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