The triangles are dissolving
as that geodesic dome
turns back into mere particles;
unconnected, floating free,
back to a misty fantasy
that never will be real.

Morose, he entered back into
the world that he once knew
choosing just to follow,
and thus avoid the pangs
that leadership will bring.

Vaguely drifting through the days
that used to be his life,
he focused once again
upon the mediocre course
of productivity.

So apt was he at his denial
that rarely did he feel the pain
that came of losing all the love
that he had left behind.

Blindly, day turned into night
and back into another day
just like the one before;
no highs, no lows, no sense
or een sensation of extremity.

Wondering, but only distantly,
just why at times his heart beat
painfully within his chest; but
having chosen what the others
thought as best, his focus narrowed,
more and more, as if a silent door
were closing, imprisoning his soul.

Denying all the longing
of that spirit so encased
within the tedium of every day;
passing out at night in pure
exhaustion, never rest,
for all the best of him was left
somewhere in between the pain
that he so stoically denied.

Then numbness was the very best
he could achieve; smashing every
fantasy to bits dissolving then,
that geodesic form hed once
created in a state of ecstasy,
and settling for nothing much at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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