Divinity of Light

Oh great Apollo, fiery warmth of light,
your rays of pure delight
run up and down my spine
now tingling in a flight divine.

Sweet sorrowful longing of all indigo,
the stars of the night unfold within thee,
even as your springs of warmth
meld and blossom into all we see.

Darkness abides at times
in a lowering power of weighty clouds;
so full of emotion they thunder in
lightning striking down on innocence.

Yet there, the oak once shattered
by gusts upon a stormy might
puts forth again your truth, in pride
of every branching youth reborn.

Still longing for your touch divine,
reborn within your fiery light;
mind of ancient, ever now
reaching into skylit blue.

Too distant to touch, yet you stream
right through every particle of flesh;
enlightening what once could only dream,
now feeling all the warmth of your reality.

Allowing now, this opening of pores and eyes,
I see you dancing through the skies of day
and night becomes again this dream
of your awakening...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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