Dreams of Lullabies

There is something in your touch
that I have never felt before -
a warmth of love unbiased by all else,
tingling as it heats the chill away
to keep my troubled mind at bay;
and a melody then enters in
to play these strings of heart
right through it all
unaltered by the spans
of time’s eternity.

Mistily, I spy a shadowed form
rising up above the everyday,
glowing with an aura seeming supernatural -
when suddenly, your lips are touching mine,
giving and receiving, one unto the other;
entering, receding, beating rhythms so sublime
that any thought of time must simply cease -
while a span of ages plays a lullaby.

Then sleepily, love seeds
the dreams of our tomorrows
as liltingly, an oh-so-gentle voice is heard to sing
enchantingly of other realms of being,
where all we are becomes what we are meant to be;
spiraling through rounds of universal empathy,
as we see and hear and scent and taste
the feelings that have always proven true -
growing now through you and I
as we sleep the dreams of lullabies anew . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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