Dynamic Patterns

Dynamic patterns,
so much more than personal
and yet the universe demands
an explanation of these realms
of the most intimate of all -
where emotion speaks in whispers
of its moments of pure ecstasy.

Past left behind,
the primal now arising yet again,
refusing to be quelled or understood;
just as the whispers of the wind increase.
beating in a rhythm
that we simply canít deny;
for the rivers of our being
run beyond our sight or seeing,
stemming from the source
of the creation of it all.

One spark, a great explosion.
Could this truly be the only explanation
for the meaning and the worth
of all our lives?
We must come to know
and understand somehow -
unuttered centuries that live
beyond all space or time
and the heat within this primal beat,
or else we shall remain encased
within a feeling of depression.

Each cell confronted with disease
is seeking for the means
of this expression.
Here, just at the point
where the reports of our sensation
seem to alter.

As another new, and yet
enchanting pattern enters in
to this complexity that utters,
in moans and groans and sweetest sighs,
yet doesnít seem to understand
the gist or deeper meaning
of the feelings these dynamic patterns
bring into play with all we are again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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