Each Cell

Mind is whirling within
a dervish of delight;
cells come alive
that never knew
the light of life before;
and a trillion more wait in the wings,
desiring their turn to sing
the fire and desire of love
back into our lives again.

Chaotically, soul seeks to speak
a wisdom known in times of yore,
before the paradigm of time
and space became the base
that knows only the multiples
of base division in a mental consternation;
even as the Net of Indra shines
directly once again
into the webs we know as mortal time.

Revealing, the vastness
of this altering within connection,
as distance comes to be no more
than just a theme that has grown old;
and tales of yore come to the fore
within a magic incantation,
uttered by a host of mediums
that speak the truth that lies
beyond all mortal spans of time.

Magically, these secret mysteries
repeat themselves within a unity
that simply must accept all variation;
for the story of creation must go on
as all mind begins to whirl
in an astonishing delight,
at last come home to dwell within
the center of each cell that spins
itself into a life that never ends . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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