Emotional Intensity

Just past the feel
of this emotional intensity,
lie fields of spring
awaiting patiently the growth
of seeds that canít help
but conceive themselves;
within a state that speaks
into a purity of form,
unfolding and enfolding sound
as silence of a voice unformed
begins to build into an utterance divine;
breathing in the clarity of air,
expanding and contracting as it seeks
all that it needs to just go on.

Reach out and touch.
I know that you can hear it too -
this plea of future calling out,
resounding through the atmosphere.
For we breathe into
a sense of form unbound,
reaching and receiving life in form
surrounded and surrounding
the sensation of the incubation
of this life that sings itself
into beginning yet again.

Can you hear it now . . . ?
the scent of green and growing
grass that longs to sway and bend
within a summer breeze;
and then the sound of mystery,
as hues of summer cool themselves
amid a repetition,in this grand
awakening of growth
within the evolution of it all.

Seeking for the past in variation,
ever new yet ever quite the same,
sung within harmonious refrain;
eíen now as winter seems to beat
unending waves of cold into this heat
that simply canít be turned into
the icy cold that blows a chill of
wandering into our sleep or dreams.

And then the dream expounds itself,
uttering within its sleep
of all that we are meant to be,
beyond the bounds of all society
or blind and ordered hierarchies of family;
that need to free themselves to come alive
into this dream-like state of fantasy
where love abides.

And oceans of emotion play
an endless game of composition,
positioning themselves yet once again;
as particle by particle, the world spins
itself into a state so new
an ancient reverie unfolds,
for time and space reverse into
a tone of preconceived deliverance.

Within the beat of hearts that hold
this love within the inner worlds
of heart at last unfurled,
composing yet another theme
within this realm of composition;
now beheld as mists that swirl
in an ocean of emotional intensity
and in their movement
must complete it all . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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