Emotive Energy

And here we are again,
lost in our meandering,
within the labyrinths
of this vast emotive energy.

(Dark, the flesh of all that truly matters -
growing within fields of innocence)

Relax, renew, within this realm
of vast unconsciousness;
for the show has just begun, my friend,
and all that was, must end
before beginning once again
to shine itself into infinity.

(Deep, the indigo of darkest night
as moon and stars become the light
of gently everlasting feelings)

Rivers flow, each drop
a glowing realm of mystery
that moves itself in endless sacristy,
within the light of moonbeams' luster;
undeniably complete within
the essence it expends.

(Oh essence, come to be again in me
as I accept this destiny of my mortality)

Take me back into the future rising
where oceanic waves of being
wash upon the shores of evermore;
as magic plays its way again into our lives,
completely satiated in this flesh we are.

(Oh being, speak to me beyond
the realms of this complexity again)

Simple now, the rhythm of a life,
before the thought of strife
begins to enter in.
And oh, the tone of love that sings
beneath these wings so oft’ denied
your currents of pure air.

(Fly, oh fly, beyond these
patterned skies, oh soul of mine)

Succulent, this tone of utter being,
magnetizing as a mind is mesmerized
into one slow, sweet breath of air,
that always dares to enter in
into these realms of all deliverance.

(Deliver us, oh breath that sings
so sweetly through these days and nights,
becoming all the right of wrong’s extremity)

As love, unuttered in its lack of mortal definition
seeds itself within this realm of our sensation,
bridging chasms seemingly so deep, that
an abyss of unknowingness begins to seep
into a will that intellect alone created.

(Once upon a time
this spirit of all life
flew freely forth)

Emotion, so invisibly enhancing,
touches still just at that point
where every cell of living flesh
is centered in itself;
while sensation speaks
the words of every peak and valley
ever known within an exploration.

(Flow, oh mighty world composed
of every earthen form; where all that is
becomes itself again)

Wisdom dwells
within the center of each particle
of every form that’s ever come to be.
And now, we must begin to see -
and more than see, to feel
the amplitude of this reunion.

(Heart, oh heart that beats so endlessly,
accept this flesh become at last
your immortality)

For this reality holds meaning
long forgotten in the mists
of history too dry to speak itself;
while we find ourselves
just where we are again -
lost in our meandering
through fluid fields, unending
awash within emotive energy . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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