End of a Relationship

And so these tears,
and remnants of the joy and pain
that we experienced together,
are truly all that’s left.
Memories that never can achieve
a state of this reality at all -
not any more.

Why is it now
that death seems a deliverance,
when looking from this point of pain
that you have left me to endure alone?

Consciously, you took from me,
the love you promised for eternity.
Yet I dare not agonize -
not any more -
for you chose to walk
right through that door
to ne’er return again.

You've taxed my reserves
almost beyond the point of reparation.
Yet somehow still, you justify
the cruelty of these, your chosen lies,
by trying to enclose yourself
within the greater systems once again.

Yet I know, deep down inside,
that this will never do -
not for you, not e’er again -
no matter your avoidance
of this pain that you’ve created.
For this pain is yours
and I refuse to take it on ever again.

The pain of all the fear and anger
that you yet refuse to come to know,
and therefore just can’t rise above at all;
no matter all the highs you sought
and still you seek as a means of your relief.

When the love we used to share
could have filled more than the universe.
But you have chosen otherwise,
and so for you, this love was never true.
I find I must refuse to ever travel
there with you again.

For love abides
beyond all tides of right or wrong,
and the only suffering found
is its denial.

I love, I loved, and still I love
for I cannot veer again
from this path that I must walk.
Yet this love can never be of one alone,
within a sense of preservation,
or worse, as if an ownership is spun
rather than an inclination
to keep it growing, moving on,
as it rises from the deep
of all we are.

And so I choose my course again,
to seeking this love, and ever more
to be alive in this reality...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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