Enough to Say Goodbye

He sauntered in on his Palomino,
so charming when he chose to be;
laying on that sweet old Southern charm -
wearing it so practiced and so well,
assuring her time and again,
that everything would be all right.

She sees now, that was her mistake -
to think his ways could ever be her own.
For it was nothing but a pose for him
to cover over all the stress
and lack of hope
he really felt inside.

He had a silver dragon too
but he never let it fly,
and therefore couldn’t join her there
within the starry skies.
Nor would he ever be content
to see her soar without him.

For no matter how she coaxed or pleased,
he refused to spread his wings and fly.
So now her door is closed
and locked to him.
She knew that she could never win
the many battles that he fought inside.

White stallions rise now, in her mind,
purposeful and proud -
code of honor evident
in every flowing motion.
And this is what she truly needs
to speed her through recovery.
For her wings were somehow
broken in his grasp.

She loved, she loved, and still she loves.
For she loves herself enough
to say good-bye...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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