Ever Been

Will you ever wake to feel the real
just waiting there for you– beyond
the gross reality prescribed
by generations lost to all the
suffering of their own making?

I reel within your dizziness
composed of intellectual, unfeeling
understanding of those lives
that die without demanding
an answer to it all.
Particle or wave...?
To love or to conceal...?
Tell me now, what’s really
real at all...?

Right here upon the border
of an everything that speaks
in words that simply cannot
be ignored – not any more.

For it contains such utter truth -
these emotions lying in between
communication at such depth;
still unfound within the lives
that we’re supposed to live
in freedom of expression.

But you have chosen and you will
your mind and heart to close again
to live without a power that
masses see as just pretend
while all the while, this pretense cuts
your heart and soul apart.

Shall I seek again to understand
your massacre of heart...?
I think, therefore I am no more
than intellectual confusion;
a science seeking for belief
that leads to mere illusion.

Did you think my soul
would ever let me go so far as that...?
back into no more than mass
of movement never understood
when here, right now
I know the truth – I am;
yet I now wonder if you’ve
ever been at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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