Falling Deeply

Hail, virgin mother of us all
we sleep the deep of your virginity.
Passion sacrificed upon
the altar of your blessedness,
where the numbness beyond pain
makes up for everything
we dare not feel.

The walls are closing in;
his breath becomes no more
than just a gasp of not enough;
alone, he wanders through
the labyrinthine depths
of his own being.

Hot and steamy mists of ice
evaporating off the moving walls
come again in sleep to call to him,
even as the chill of intellect begins
to fall again into its flesh of form.

Passion turned to impotence,
as voices rang in a cacophony of noise
repeating every rule he’d learned
before, as his brain was washed
into the habits of a past that never
dreamed of changing into future’s call.

Sinking deep, the tunnel seemed
to slightly open out – a breath, one
breath of fresher air was won; just
as he succumbed and settled for
the feel of a dizziness that only lack
of oxygen can bring.

His trophies, honed of glass, encased
in gold, shattered as he passed them by;
trying once again to feel another sense
of their elation on arrival; alas, the
shattered pieces fell yet deeper down,
blood running free within those particles
that now imploded into him.

The anger of his potency was somewhere
lost along the way; melting into those
whose games he played. The sorrow
that once seemed to overwhelm had turned
itself into a sense of pure and utter terror there,
just where the tunnel opened out into a vast,
a void of dark and solemn caverns held within.

The blame, the guilt, the shame –
hauntingly, the specters rose and fell,
embellishing that sense of loneliness
he’d never dared to face before.
How quickly forever can turn
into never at all.

Spaceless, placeless, timelessness;
it seemed this emptiness must be
the gist of his forever, within
this watery womb of shadows,
feeling himself lost. Oh how the
path of peace that death induces,
would be welcomed then by him.

Yet death was never meant to be at all;
just this, this fall into the womb of all
rebirth; where quality and worth
that once seemed just imagination,
proved themselves to be the greater
meaning of it all.

For there within the very center
of this cavern that just seemed to be
a never-ending darkness to his eyes,
a light appeared
so real and yet so beautiful, he simply
had to pause; as all his fear just
disappeared, and the angel beckoned
once again, for him to just draw near...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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