For the Starlight

She looks into the mirror every morning;
more and more she sees dark circles
underlying eyes that once were brightness
reaching out to touch itself again. And so,
she sees again, in utter clarity of those electric
lights, all that she has spent on promises of
love unkept, again withdrawn from her.

She wonders, as she wanders through too many
days and nights of a complete unease, what
in the end might come to be a resolution to it all?
Will she only fall again into the abyss that so many
others still create? And why this need in them,
so great that it descends again in her? Unaltered,
overwhelming attitudes of their depression,
pleading to be spoken now at last, through her.

Lost and lonely, unsupported, still she seeks,
she moves, she breathes, right through those
empty halls of all enclosure - one little flame,
alight within the darkness of it all. So many
feelings, for so long unidentified, re-arise to try
to smother everything her flame has come to be.
She seeks no more than shelter now, beyond
these realms of altered ecstasy that lie in stasis,
in those other vague, unaltered hearts.

Will she ever find another who believes and dares
to live and thus express this love itself into
completion of a unity of form - no longer yours
nor mine, but rather ours within a symmetry
of differences that merely open out
into themselves...?

Another night, another morn impending,
as she reaches for the starlight once again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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