Free Obsession

Obsessively, he stalked her nights and days,
his focus on her image, burned and burning
ceaselessly within his mind; impressed so deep
within his soul, that nothing could seem whole
or right without her image there. What evil
played with such unfeeling; carelessly arousing
his unquenchable desire for more of her?

Never touching, never touched, but nonetheless
an ambiance of energy kept gathering, impressing
all he was upon her soul. Blameless though, he
still abided in those lies of innocence that he had
learned so well to tell to anyone who asked; and
mortal eyes just cannot see the feelings of insanity
that he forced on her within the spin of some great
continuum of lies that kept him going.

Yet always, must these tides of time be turned,
running back into themselves again. ‘Twas thus
his games began to play themselves on him,
earnestly surrounding him in echoes of emotion
so intensely spent on her; submerging even
thoughts he used to think, now long gone from this,
the essence of his very life in time and space; as
angelically, the devil rose to tell a tale composed
of all the chaos that he really felt inside.

Unbelievably, he felt his walls, so eagerly
constructed in his youth, disintegrating into
nothingness, now bleeding all the errors of
his past into a formlessness that lasts into
forever. ‘Twas then she knew this endless
recollection of herself was coming true, even as
her image faded so completely from his mind
and she was free...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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