From Love of You

The sparrows voice a call of spring
singing sweetly as they mend their nest
yet you increase the distance
roaring silently between us
in every passing moment
of your absence.

I think that I shall never understand
a point of view that fears this love so true.
I breathe a realization in:
‘tis better to know love
than just a friendly platitude
spoken in a secrecy
that has no bounds.

Did you think it was
a pleasure for me then?
to hear the distant tremor in your voice
as you tried so gallantly to hide
the depth of pain you felt inside
never spoken, still I felt
it cutting to the heart of me.

Particles of hope lie fallow,
shattered in each moment
when your silence wins it all;
yet the tides still rise and fall
and so do I, but now into a solitary
quiet state of mind where I can bless
the seconds that we shared in loving bliss
but too, let go the mighty, overwhelming
pain of your departure;
so swift, you nearly ripped
my heart to bits.

I heal myself, slowly now
of all the many wounds
that came unasked to me
from love of you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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