Gentle Eyes

Gentle eyes, so soft and so serene,
do you dream when you are wide awake?
When the stakes of day rise high
and you partake of every altered mood
produced within a world thatís only seen.

Soft-as-satin lips, so sensuous when put at ease,
why do you pout so many hours away?
When a search for happiness anticipates
an upward curling of the corners of your lips
and from there, your sunshine laugh divine.

Pert and perky, nose so oftí forgotten,
do you feel a jealousy arising?
There within an inner tickling
that draws the focus of attention to itself,
disabling the devilish scheming going on.

And mind, oh mind so overburdened,
why do you stay so funneled in that linearity?
As if your head were somehow now detached
from human nature and the sketch
of muscles into curves that blend
and need to move.

Then the throat contracts
within an automated motion
quite beyond the gist of willed control,
coughing in a spasm for the many words
left again unspoken for the sake
of an imagined right of staid propriety.

As silence gleans the answers
in a breath of pure unspoken air,
whispering of truths beyond compare;
for the heart is rising in a majesty
so powerful that everything must stop.

Just simply stop, no more or less,
for one forever moment minus time;
when your eyes look deeply into mine.
Gentle eyes, so soft and so serene
Do you dream when you are
looking back at me . . . ?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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