Her Voice

‘Tis me, my child
the one who held you cradled
lovingly within my arms
after all the trauma of your birth
had passed away, protecting
and providing nurturance
for all that you might come
some day to be

And while it now
may seem to you
that time has passed for me
it is not so
and so I come to you
in dreamlike symbol now

Heed these words
for they are true
I am of earth
and air and fire and water
held in balance by
the power of all
I speak now of the deeps
so long denied to mind
at last unleashed
within each mortal form

At first it seems a tidal wave
of emotions that we cannot tame
but truly, we must come
to tame them all
built over the centuries
of logical irrationality
that only works itself into
a point of no return

I counsel and I guide
but I cannot turn the tides
of all that runs so deep
and true through you
because I am myself
and you are you
and we must rise as one
together or forever separated

The time has come
The choice is yours
to create or to destroy
or can we perhaps
now find a way
to live the in between
of this emotion?

Uneasily, he woke then
to Her voice...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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