Holds Us

You gave to me your sorrow, and I cried for you.
You gave to me your fear, and I just blew it all away.
You gave to me your anger, of such weight and density
that all the energy that I could muster
was put to use, creating mighty spirit fire
to burn it all to ash, arising like the phoenix once again.
I suffered too, the pain of you -
for all I heal in you, I heal too, within myself.

I felt your love, and heaven came,
descending in a haze of crazy beams,
for the moon was at its full and so was I;
while every star within the sky
shimmered as more stardust fell
to cover over eyes within the magic of its spell;
cascading just like misty waterfalls
into a spring of pure enlightened being.

But then the alibis began,
and I noted how the patterns, newly changed,
were pulled back to the same old shape -
and so I started over once again -
with the sorrow, the anger, the fear and the pain,
and I found that guilt and shame had somehow
lodged themselves unseen within the bloom
of all the love we shared and knew.

I realize now, with the sorrow of all ages,
that these things that still return to block
the flow of living love that once was strong,
are still a part of you, a part you never wished
for me to know at all, hidden oh so deeply within you.
And still, you seek to keep the core
of all you are from me.

Resentment then, and jealousy,
begin to fill the air if I dared ask you
why this might be so -
all this within a sea of vast confusion,
rising ever in a wake containing
awful/awesome power.
And so the fall from grace began
in secrets held so deep within
that I knew the love I shared with you
would never be enough
to heal all the many wounds
that you kept taking on yourself
to try to heal all the ills
your past had brought to bear.

So truly now, I wish no more than this,
a tender kiss just now and then
until you find a way to love yourself
enough to spend your days and nights
within this stream of loving light
that holds us all within its mighty
and yet oh so gentle feel of a caress
if only you would let it once again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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