Indigo’s Expression

Undocumented, as yet unencountered.
This love of unencompassed night
composed of indigo -
is flowing free at last.
Glowingly within this night of white,
as the moon begins to flow o’er snow
in rippling golden waves
of great anticipation;
freeing soul to fly within
the whole of utter being.

Mesmerized, enchantment plays
relaxing in a melding of all days
where wide awake means moving out
into a world too large to understand;
encompassing the vast experience
of all of life in calculated motion -
while love seems left for
hues of twilit indigo.

Silence repeating an eternity of tone,
beating in the rhythm of a heart so vast
it blasts the known apart within
an ever-moving mood of undertow;
that keeps a flow of love alive and moving.
Relieving tension in an overpowering
release of words that speak
in moving phrases -
uniting in themselves to find
a state of ecstasy that is
unerring in its will to be.

And so desire comes again
befriending only those who choose to act
in variance of ancient attitudes;
to bring the angry mood of modern times
back to a balance so divine
that this whispering becomes a dynasty.
Unshakable by the complexity
of all we used to think ourselves to be.
Speaking in deep tones so sweetly sung,
that the deepest hues of indigo’s expression
come to this completion of depression
longing for beginnings
of ascent yet once again . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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