Over the edge of sanity, they drive themselves
in rushing tension; battling within the wars of
every great extreme, and delve into the deepest
depth – dark, the sweetness of pure being;
bleeding, running into shades of pain and misery –
for all they never faced before, so seemingly
outside themselves, now rises up in waves
that crash and mesmerize; while terror, so extreme
becomes the one reality of all that they’ve denied.

Trembling, they try to move; but every step they take,
no matter the direction, brings them face to face
with all they ever really felt inside, as streams of power
glow and melt in one pure slash of lightning striking
through the heart and soul of one alone; for all
that they adored now proves to be no more than
just a great untruth itself. Illusion of illusions;
the unsayable is speaking now to them, its words
a stream of ancient feeling – vast this void
of all that’s deep and dark that has been reached.

It seems as if an endless chasm, echoing
with everything that they’ve despised the most;
and no one dares to break this magic spell of
mind’s illusion, for they know not what might lie
beyond its bounds. Their very soul, so ill at ease,
speaks the language of it all, tongues like flaming
torches start to fill those halls of dark and hidden
lairs – but you must not take it personally, you see.

For you and I have flown within the skies of all
tomorrows, and come to know that ecstasy exists,
right here within these particles
of flesh that matter most of all;
and still contain these seeds
of darkness in themselves
to fuel the mighty light
of consciousness unfolding;

while hordes of gold may still be found, just after
all the yours is mined right out of
all those veins that run so
deep within the hold of all you thought you
never were before.

Do you see it there...? The darkest door of all –
slowly, slowly opening into you – that stench a
multitude of all the moods so long denied; but
now your alibis have turned to mist; for gently,
gently, darkness kissed your lips into a
death-like leer. So sweet, the sirens’ song of
all seduction, luring men to dive into this depth
they never wished to know at all. Contaminated
by their very condemnation; grown from endless
seeds of jealousy and prejudice; as cast and class
and hierarchy became the stations and the cross
that clashes still, in constant battle with it all.
War, the tone of all cacophonies that build
in volume to this peak, to speak at last of why
they ever came to be – these feelings of such
utter misery and destitution; tumbling, cracking,
crashing, crumbling into dust the very trust
and structure of foundations.

See them run, their terror moving them beyond
the brink of all they thought was good and right;
now beyond the known of sanity – hear the
thunderous mass of running feet that flee
the very fear they’ve built their lives upon; as
endless darkness comes to light in flames –
licking, tickling laughs of horror out from deep
inside their souls. And know at last the utter hold
that dark must keep upon the glittering power
of each golden sheen of shimmering heat and
great desire; still treasuring the yours and mine,
until the very elements of ore, denied a place
and space of difference, reverently melt again
into this realm of pure insanity.

Depth of terror, once denied,
it flies the skies of innocence
and mind...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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