Into Eternity

Role reversal, yours and mine.
(How is it that all time just slips away?)
As everything we feel streams through
the open channels that we live to share.

Day and night, such paradox they bring.
We sleep just as the hoot owl comes awake,
questioning the core
of the identity we wear by day;
watching as our dreams tear it away.

And then the switch, as nature
(so alien to what we’ve known before)
slips secretly into the haven
that used to be the known
security of home and warmth of hearth.

Naturally, we feel just out of whack
as our perspective point of view
is taken back to days
when as a child we played so many parts.
(And still, we love them all from this
our endless childhood heart.)

Once we chose a partiality
(not quite one, yet never less than half)
as if to give up on the sense
of achieving our completion;
but now our soul demands
we change it all.

So strange, this mystifying gist of life
when spiraling up, we slide back down
the only difference found in definitions,
intransigent in the stiffness of a bow.

Swinging low, then flying high again
in resonance, the air reverberates
bringing lightning flashes of a current
that the past has tried so hard
to leave behind.

Yet now we find ourselves alone together
within an atmosphere of ever-opening,
as mists are swept away
and heart comes in to play a melody.

Deep and sweet, it beats in rhythm
as the heartbeat of the earth responds,
resounding in a spiral and a spin,
for these worlds within are her world too.

And all we say and do moves on
into eternity . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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