Into Harmony

Crystal water flowing upward in a stream
(We dream ourselves into infinity)
Sparkling particles of diadems
(She waits for us in tender dignity)
Deeper, deeper, higher still we fly
(into her skies, so all awakening)

Where roses bloom
(within the sweetest clarity of color)
And the green of springtime tresses
grows right down a mountainside
(scenting every breath we take with glory)

And there! The majesty of trees
that reach to touch eternity.
they drink it in and blend it all -
sap running through their roots
into the earth and back again.
(How gracefully they bend
in their submission to the wind
she plays upon)

Lacy moss adorns the crevices and rocks
where in a stream of light
a naked angel kneels
(in praise and adoration
of the sense of life in form)
When distantly, a whiteness opens out
(a templed trace of masonry
and sparkling glass arising)
in balance, so symmetrically in tune,
that the sun beguiles the moon
into attendance.

Reverent, the landscape grows,
holding back the wildness with groves
of sacred oaks and silent ponds
(while swans inhabit moisture leaking,
speaking of the wonder of all flight)

He enters in, just as her misty veil dissipates
tenderly vibrating in a melody of moon,
and all the tides are turned around
another bend of utter ecstasy;
for they have found each other once again
and all that is, reverberates
and blends into a harmony]
of love . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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