Into Relationship

I look at the world and the many faces
that seem so very different at first glance;
but then I feel the many traces of emotion
that bring us back into relationship.

They take a stance of courage
in their outward attitudes.
Yet in a breath, I smell the fear they feel;
hidden, oh so well, they think
behind the masks they wear.

Some turn the fear to anger,
getting high upon the surge
of power rising there inside
at their command.
And anger at times, can be necessity;
for it can light a fire that makes us move
and raise us from an apathy of sameness,
to keep the cycles turning and evolving.

They’re married and they’re single,
in love or in a state of misery,
or hung in apathy that stems from habits
born within a constant repetition
of a norm that must destroy itself;
for the force of nature and all deity
insists it must be so.

They are of many nationalities and cultures,
all religions and all creeds,
at base, all seeking for a tone
of loving harmony.
They see extremes
of darkness and of light,
and think that they must choose
between the two;
and since the light of dawn feels
best to them within the shadowed depths
in which they dwell,
they choose it, and never dare experience
the gentleness that moon and starlight bring.

But too much light, or too intense,
obliterates the darkness
of the matter of this flesh we are.
And this is what our life is really all about -
a state of balance.

What good a life that’s filled with only ash...?
Or particles that still cannot attain
a living harmony of unity
that might sustain us through it all
and yet remain the truth of our existence.

And so still, I will observe,
as I look at the world and the many faces
that seem so very different at first glance;
still feeling the emotion of it all
that brings us ever back into relationship
with all eternity yet once again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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