Lady of the Night

Did you know then, lady of the night
that for every body part you touched
and allowed to once touch you,
a price is paid by you -
higher, deeper, more significant
than the fees of man
can ever come to pay?

The night is dark and damp.
Not many come outside to play
on such a night as this.
So you wander from that corner
that you normally inhabit out of habit,
in search of fun or friends
yet find that none are near.

For this is the night you walk alone
and dare to find yourself again;
within a sense of starlight streaming down
just as the stormy clouds begin to break apart,
and one lone star looks down on you
tonight and sees you true.

Tears, unasked and uninvited
swell within your eyes
(so full of starlight now).
Within the breeze, humidity
melts open every pore
to set you free from every seed
you ever took into yourself.

Opening, you close again,
this time perhaps for good.
One tear drop falls, and then another
and love comes falling down
into the very essence of your being,
while the heavens open out -
this time for you and you alone.

An angel whispers, "Take my hand
and come, my child, fly with me;
that I may bring you beauty quite unaided,
earthly and magnificent at once,
within a feel of great significance
made real."

Unknowingly and unafraid,
she reached to grasp the angelís hands.
Within a blink, the world she had known
was gone without a trace of ever being.
And she was flying free.

The morning paper only mentioned
an unidentified female body found in an alley,
while the knife that pierced her heart
and the hand that held it,
remain at large - very likely
to strike again in time...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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