Light of Heart

Faded pictures, memories
how brightly they can play
upon a soul in need
of more than what
the present moment offers.

Memories of loving days
when energy would play its way
in rhythmic pitch and tone
changing everything
we thought we knew;

When spirit flew so free
upon a windless night
that birds would watch
in wonder of our flight
existing in one moment
out of time.

A phrase, a poem, an image then
replete in amplitude
of emotions we have felt and feel
but have learned to disregard
arise again just when the stars
come alight again within the skies.

Some seek to smother
under cover of a night in indigo
this very breath of life
we have been granted
seeking to avoid the fall
that takes them deep
into themselves again;

As beginnings without end
still spin the tale of life evolving
utterly revolving and responding
to the need that we deny
until we fly back to the arms
of love that heals again;
just there - within the realms
of spirit soaring.

Where love is born
of each emotion
brought into the light
of heart again -
for heart is true...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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