Litigious Attitudes

Litigious words of argument
speak in terms of wrong and right
afraid to center in the flight
of changeable occurrence,
to reach the dizzy, dazzling heights
that breach the mind-warped
rules of their creation.

Yet the real of our lives
is forever in motion,
dreaming every scheme
into our mindís reality;
then out again into a theme
so utterly in need of just one sense
of its deliverance to ecstasy.

Contracts and reprisals
shame and an uprising depth
of self-esteem that sinks only to rise
so high above what we once knew,
that every disapproval turns
itself into acceptance once again;
just when control gives up its fight
and spirit takes to flight within the night.

Here stars are born to shine themselves
into the very heart of all that matters,
just at the molten core of all creation,
residing at the center of all form.
While the earth and all her satellites respond
within one soul that must compose it all:
the mind and then the matter
and the sense of blue that shatters
every feeling of security.

As we move beyond the bonds of what we knew
into a lighted indigo of never-ending hues,
that reach metalically through beams
alit in glowing ambiance of soul;
awakening in everything
that seemed most void of innocence -
just as we are reborn yet again.

As all that feels itself to be too much
is equalized within its counterpart;
religiously disproving every hint
of the litigious attitudes and moods
that know of only right or wrong
and never come to sing a song
in harmony.

For left or right prevails in division,
but now the veil has been removed
and eyes behold another view
that sings in moods
of utter symmetry . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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