Lost Between

Lost between two points of concentration.
Pulled in this direction and then that,
as level upon level, every instance
opens out into forever,
mending and amending all we’ve known
of masculine and feminine in opposition;
just as the sun comes round to warm
the dark side of the moon.

Yet still, it all comes down to this -
the many loves that seemed so true
and yet withdrew within the light of day.
I wonder how the days and nights
will ever fit together,
while all I seem to say and do
as yet is bent on this priority.

For love that seems so lost must surely
somewhere wait within the wings
of hearts that sing themselves to life again;
while all I am is bent into a rainbow arching
there within your eyes, just when
you take the time to look in mine.

And depth responds in resonance
willing and demanding love’s release,
rising in the sweetness and the glory of all dawn;
and I, a fawn, at last can see
in wide-eyed innocence the beauty born
as liquidly, this love falls down
within a mist and mystery of being.

We reach for something, someone
always seemingly just out of reach.
Is this merely just a carrot dangling
in front of an instinctual need for love?
Run, oh run, majestically -
instinctually surrendering to movement
that must flow itself unknowingly into completion.

I close my eyes and memories
repeat themselves again, as dizzying,
the sights and sounds and scents of you
just seem to bleed their way right back into
this dwelling of my being.
Here too, I cannot help but come upon
the deep of childhood devotion once again.

When, sacred and mysterious,
I knew beyond a doubt that somewhere,
somehow, deity existed;
yet now, religious concepts seem to blister
and to burn my very soul to ash,
for I have come to understand the deeper need
of harmony and resonance within a life
too oft’ denied within the blind of those beliefs.

While something other issues
from the core of all I am,
demanding a new attitude
to soothe the many moods
that seem to hold me back
from a deliverance from pain;
while all that yet remains
so unresolved within my life,
commands a vast amount of my attention.
and a deep and lasting intuition
now consumes me - telling me
that destiny is not about forgetting.

Lost between the points of two extremes
that ultimately know each other all to well,
and thus emotions swell into a wave
of love that never can be spent at all,
as we learn to fly and gratefully, to fall
again into this grand and ultimate reality
of love, that heals us all . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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