(God of Dreams)

Essence of all form and shape,
lying deep within each healing;
crystallizing in these forms we are -
awakening just as surrender
of the ego and the intellect
completes itself within the indigo.
(Where do you go when sunlight
floods our eyes into their opening?)

Hidden in the brightness of all rays
that seem to be so separate; until
we seek and find this one pure level
where it all abides as one: the waking
and the sleeping that become reality
within our dreams at last come true.

For this dream is real, the trance dissolving;
veils lifted lightly up within a breeze and
breath of ever-opening completion; and
we are here, within each particle of flesh
composing this, one mortal form that
seeks to blend each separate thing into
a whole again.

The how, the when, the what, the where -
tis these that were surreal! For now the why
of all that lives commands within its presence
that we move beyond those blind beliefs
of mortal vs. immortality; that purgatory of
the in between that just one book, ill-written
at the best, has brought to be; yet now demands
beyond all will or want or gross desire to be
heard and understood. (Oh spirit, authoring
itself again into existence!) For this truly is
our answer, undivided by a need for power
or controlling attitudes that seem to come
from lack self-esteem; yet eer insist we
reach again, to find the peak that is our destiny.

Seek yet one more time, if e'er you wish
to find transcendence of the battles waged
oer ages of those thoughts that must dissolve,
become mere blood the earth devoured within
the eons of her peacefulness those the old and
stale wars of intellect that seeks the power of a mind
that never came to know its heart as real: and thus
created mortal versus immortality.

Climb yet one more time to yet another peak
where this transcendence starts to rhyme
and sing itself in rhythms of a harmony sublime,
from just one point that opens out in every thing;
waiting for us all beyond duality of human nature
and adversity itself. Then come back into
yourself, as Morpheus reborn and more; now
absorbed and still absorbing this great power
of the realm of dreams, centered in one love
that must forever come be the truth of all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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