Moving Out for Good
(a housewifeís lament)

It all got sick and twisted up
somewhere along the way -
those familial relationships
that used to bring such love
into our lives.

I sit here now, alone,
and feel no more than just a sense
of loveís abandonment,
that leaves me weak
without a sense of worth
to see me through.

I know not what to do now
that you say our life together
is no more...
...the doors are closed,
the lights are out,
the walls are moving in...

Everything that I have been
was always based on you
and what I thought I must become
to be a parent, too.
Yet now nobody seems to need
the many things I have become,
and the meaning that I used to find
within the tasks of everyday -
for it all walked out the door with you.

Iíve tried to just go on and see it through,
but nothing is the same.
I move, I speak, I play the social games.
But to what aim, if not for you...?
...the doors are closed,
the lights are out,
the walls are moving in...

Was it only then
some form of sick dependency...?
That took the place of all the love
Iíd dreamed of as I grew.
Iíve followed all the rules and now,
Iím left within an emptiness
that screams itself awake
inside of me.

I grope, I grasp, I seek to see,
within the density this darkness brings;
but nothing seems to move
except the walls,
moving in as shadows speak;
and all I see is you again -
still moving out for good...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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