Mystic Blue

Mystic blue, a feminine exposure,
there - just where the rain clouds
come to split themselves apart;
and fire and water seem to mesh
into a unity divine.

Initiation to the realms of mystery
has now begun;
beyond mere whim or will or want -
for mystic blue is speaking out
in tones that must be heard
and understood.

The many veils have been lifted,
blown away like gossamer,
unanchored in a midnight breeze,
enchantingly enticing soul to be
the essence of unknown reality
where visions play into our lives -
surreal and yet insistent -
through these channels
of all life in form.

The eagle blinks in understanding
just as the hawk suspends itself
upon a current of pure air;
and then the wolf, in silence
moves again to bring to bear
the feeling of security.

Clouds part,
the moon in fullness shines,
abiding beyond all mortality;
encompassing the mystery
of every sunlit dawn.
While there, the fawn is lying,
sleeping in a peace of innocence
that knows, without a thought,
the newborn paths that it must tread.

For the feeling of all fear
is being shattered, blown apart -
as from the ashes yet another
chance for understanding rises -
just at that point when all seems lost.

For mystic blue breaks through again,
uniting masculine and feminine,
that we might stand as one eternally...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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