Mystic Sun

A mystic sun began to rise inside
as darkness turned into immersion,
sinking back into the womb of earth itself.
One small, sad light was all it had
and this would have to see it
through, and yet still further out,
to will this time of gloom away
that loomed as if an ever-presence
within the history of life in time.
And yet it knew it must conceive
of life beyond the womb,
if ever it would really feel alive,
and essential to the feel of all reality.

Dark descent into the realm
of innocence taht came to claim
its place within this world, this form,
this ever-living storm of chaos, streaming
into the world of living matter,
was coming conscious even then.
And its weight and mass,
in gross accumulation,
had no room left to move or grow
within the soothing waters
of the womb of its containment.

It sought to rise, and yet it fell,
endlessly into the depth
of life in form;
for gravity had taken hold
and it felt a strange sensation then,
as muscles moved and flexed
for this time, when it moved its limbs
its spine began to tingle
in a rush of energy.
Yet still this light could not be seen
by eyes, nor mind, nor reasoning not yet,
so blindly it moved on into
the mass of the unknown that
seethes within extremities.

It could only flex for just so long
but as it did, its power grew
for its body and its spirit knew
that it must stand
straight and free and strong some day
if ever it would meet its destiny.
And the presence of its soul now came to know
the beginning of the feeling of this flesh
that it had chosen to become;
heavy and yet somehow too,
more real and meaningful
than anything that it had been before -
and so the learning had begun.

The darkness seemed so overwhelming then,
as in descent, first feelings of the flesh
became a sense of blockage and of pain;
but it moved on - for now its spirit knew
that only movement made it real.
Its focused goal - the living light
of all tomorrows.
It was thus the light became
more sure of its existence.

It struggled then, incessantly,
in bouts of strength and weakness.
Wanting this, desiring that,
yet faced with more than any one
could ever feel alone.
While somehow the warmth of womb
still flowed through cords of harmony,
as truly this one cord became
the need of severance and separation;
and thus its sense of imminent release
as more and more, it came to know
it was returning to itself somehow;
mysterious and free, but not quite yet.

This cord, this cord, its very life,
the only life it knew,
began to pull and bind and stop
the very quest for life that came about,
while still it sought its source of strength
within the womb that until now
was all that it had known, or ever
truly could be known
of the creativity of life itself.

And so descent - forcing now and straining
just to claim its right to its existence.
It crowned, and oh, that first experience
of air and light upon its head, its brow
another living moment of transition.
Yet still somehow, it knew it must go on,
for the peak of life is individuality of form
and this must issue through and through
each particle that was its form of life
Then came the first experience of cold,
for the feel of air just differed so
from the warmth of safe security
of the containment in the warmth
of womb and moisture.

Unconsciously, its quest was set
in realms of truth, that some may know
as spirit or of magic or of soul.
Invisible, this quest of unity
that needs no more to truly be
than just a human consciousness
to set it free upon the winds of time itself;
and more itself with every moment
that feels itself within infinity in flesh and form
And then a mighty push for life
(did it come from deep inside itself
or from some living other?),
and it all became amazing form,
yet it was dazed within a world
that seemed the essence of pure light.
Then the catch, for suddenly
the cord was quickly severed,
and all that it had known became
an unknown quest for its first breath
of freedom and of air,
that never had been offered it before
in such an unprotected form.

Just then, instead of giving out
it found the will to take it in -
this fire of the fuel of life within
a world of breath that would sustain
the very essence of the form
that it had come to be,
neither masculine or feminine,
not yet, for all it seemed to know
yet still, was as a particle that spun
itself within a greater whole.

Slowly then, with nurturance unasked,
it learned of light and all the power
that sight itself could come to be.
And its quest became to bring this light
of all eternity and life
further still into its mortal form.

And from this, a mystic sun
became the norm of indivisibility
that lives beyond the fear
of mere survival...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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