Nakedly, she sauntered through
the forest toward the spring
and came upon a glade of freshening,
where wild flowers grew into a ring,
uncovering the source of creativity
within a feel of natural wonder,
scenting every breath with hues
of color ever blooming.

She looked at the world
in crystal reflections,
opening out within each drop of light;
as pollen played its way into her life
impressing her spirit with flowered delight;
and flesh surrendered to this glow
merging in the flowing golden dawn,
just as a vestal virgin spawned
another veil of gossamer
to cover over all that was
most intimately known; and
another seed was sown within the sky.

She left footprints in the earthen tones.
Long, the grasses bending at her passing,
as the touch of gossamer stirred memories
and a longing deeper than all time to be -
free flying spirit once again upon the wind -
whispering a magic chant of great vibration
enlightening her yet further
to the meaning of all life.
And oh, the sight,
it was so clean and clear.

A fawn paused, to stare in wide-eyed innocence,
for the ancient had ascended now anew;
and everything it knew, became again,
as her wings of gossamer grew true
uplifting so much more than soul,
that all the pieces of the whole
began to dance,
there within the particles
that een now compose
her very flesh.

As nakedly, she sauntered through the forest,
and found the truth within the spring
of everything that is . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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