Near Again

He lived within a tangled mess
of all the lies hed neer confessed
to anyone at all.
This time he took the fall alone
into his emptiness
deep into the abyss of his grief.

Sorrow there, and anger, rage
covering over all the fear
hed never faced at all.
Dark, the days of his capitulation
to that belief in death he held
so deep within himself.

First, he dared to cry
oh, endless vale of tears
that seem to have no end.
Then the anger would ascend,
rising from the depth
of all he ever came to be.

Disappointment, failure met
and greeted him within
a sense of guilt and shame,
until all that remained
was just a shell of all
he used to think himself to be.

And then the falling free - into the void
where nothing seemed
to stir him back to life.
Dazed, despairing,
body moved and moving still
without its spirit fire.

He grasped for memories
of brighter days
but found he couldnt raise
their image to the light again
for every time he tried
the pain hed held so deep inside
would start to throb again.

Annihilation seemed
his one and only friend
until he spied one
soft and lovely light,
glowing knowingly
just at the center
of the nothingness
hed come to be.

Dizzily, he wandered on
seeking still his destiny
and there within a glow,
a knowing mist
of memory appeared,
for She was there
and held him near again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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