Night Descending

Rare and precious unsayable this feel
of awe that speaks to please an endless
air of purest being. Drink now from this,
the breast of life itself; tenderly it seeks
your lips to kiss away its need of nurturing.

Ecstasy of flesh divine, enflamed within
an opening of all desire; fire burning
endlessly into the melting ice, insisting
on its need for more and more of that
elixir of pure immortality, accepting
all those endless seeds of being, just
when the need to give again arises.

He stands there, tremblingly alive;
a part of him just rising to the sky,
ready now to feel her ecstasy. Sweet,
so sweet, the taste of tears that flow
in joy of love and living this reality,
breathing in and out through
each extreme of an exquisite
feel of sensitivity.

Feathery light, her touch remained
a dream that never seems to quite
come real, not any more; and there!
the feeling of one last caress,
and one more endless kiss of love upon
his brow - as night descended
into him again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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