Not At All

I held you like a child.
I gave you just as much
as any child that truly came to be
born into this flesh through me.
Yet still, eíen this was not enough
for you to make it last within reality.
And nothing else will ever do
unless this truth of love is lived
down to the core, at every level.

I let you suckle at my breast,
time and time again,
but now the time for weaning
is past due - to such a point that
I refuse to suffer from
the fangs that you have grown.

I wish I could offer this and no more,
a feel of heartís appreciation,
for the efforts you have so sporadically
deemed to make on my behalf.
But I just canít
for the best of your efforts,
by your own decree
and thus the best of mine, in all reality,
are canceled by your hard core attitudes
without a sense of harmony.
For you have chosen yet another way
and youíd rather just leave me in pain
that you, yourself created,
but still refuse to feel.

Iím sorry, love, but this I canít allow.
Not now, nor any time within the future.
fFr this was not the love you offered me
No, not at all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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