Of the Mountain

Descended from divinity itself,
a race begin to tread
across the distance of the earth,
searching for the worth of life in form.

At first, the only choice seemed to be down.
For all the paths upon the earth led there -
into the valley some may call despair
and yet some others call a paradise.
Yet still, this race, so fair and bright,
refused to lose the living light
and truth of its divinity.

And so it followed, down and down,
the path of moisture melting in the sun
in streams that seemed
to nurture more of life
to just become itself more full.

Here and there, the path would veer,
and now and then a need for re-ascent
would overtake the journey destined
for the very center of the earth itself,
where light and life are born.

This form, great form,
of earth beyond survival,
withstanding everything within
an ever-changing evolution
of its will of utter being.

Nature spoke in rhythm then
to every cell of flesh retained,
changing, always changing everything
in cyclic moods of this and that,
seeking for a sense of unity again.

Down, yet further down and out, they moved;
seeking for the source of this
emotive space and place
of all creation and divinity;
intuiting its greatest need as yet unmet -
that need for love that intermeshes
every great extreme.

Joy abounding, pain in blockage met,
sustaining and thus gaining everything,
as it held each opposite within its consciousness;
and with all its strength, now stood somehow -
individual and free, and yet connected still
into and of the source of all divinity
that alwasy wants to know itself
in every sense of its extension.

If nothing else, this pain was real.
And so it sought to feel another way;
channeling, rechanneling its living energy,
until somehow it came to be
this love of life through all eternity,
conceived again within the mountain
it once had stood upon, unknowing,
finding consciousness within
each particle of matter
of the mountain and yet too -
through the uniqueness
of each cell of form and breath of air that blew -
so separate, yet so the same somehow.

the labor pains
delivered of themselves,
another angel now brought down
that stood and lived and purely loved
within a strength of unity;
channeling this love right through
the essence of eternity itself...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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