Of Us All

Timeless beauty frozen
in the icy climbs of mind,
waiting for a warmth of sunlight
streaming to break through;
creating clouds of dream-like mist
just kissed by an awakening of dawn.
And there, a fawn, suspended
in a state of wide-eyed innocence,
absorbs the hues of every startling color.

The branches of the trees
begin to wave within the breeze,
advancing spring with just a breath
of movement; as the world
and all we are become attuned
to a sense of essence and each other.

Arches of rainbows begin this ascent
within a feeling indescribably complete,
that speaks itself within a mood
of an exquisite unity of solitude;
and here it lies just waiting,
in the offbeat of the silence that abounds,
just as the first pure beauty
of a single blade of grass turns green
within the vibrancy that only spring can bring.

While here and there and everywhere,
tall towers of the plight of man grow through
the spirit of the earth and trees
now known within these mysteries of mind;
that live between the angles and receive
at times, quite shockingly,
the splendor of a harmony abiding.

Perhaps our quest is only this -
to find a way to thus express
the movement of the spirit of us all . . .

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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